9F Group Partners With Huawei Cloud to Expand Globally

   2019-03-19 10:00:00   PT

In the new-generation internet, cloud computing has become the innovation to chase for enterprises. In the market of cloud computing, most companies are focusing on vertical development and competing in different directions. If two or more companies can cooperate, it could be a force that cannot be ignored in the industry.

After 13 years in business, 9F Group has become a well-known digital inclusive technology platform. Its R&D team focuses on innovative technology fields such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and NLP. It has developed a number of AI products including the Water Cube Intelligent Growth Engine, Intelligent Risk Control System, Intelligent Outbound Call, Intelligent Voice Analysis, Anti-Fraud and others. It has also built a multi-dimensional SaaS platform for financial services to provide in-depth customized services to users.

Huawei, a world-renowned ICT solutions supplier, has built Huawei Cloud, which is committed to providing stable, reliable, safe, credible and sustainable innovative cloud services. By the end of 2018, Huawei Cloud had launched more than 160 cloud services and more than 140 solutions such as HCS, SAP, HPC and games.

'Huawei has been in the field of financial services for many years, and its cooperation with 9F will enable Huawei to reshape the financial services industry, create an interconnected world of wisdom, and redefine financial services with AI,' Tao Deng, the president of Huawei Cloud, said.

Yanjun Lin, the chief financial officer and chief executive officer of 9F Group, said, 'Since 2018, 9F Group has been upgrading its technology, improving its business system and seeking active cooperation with other countries. This cooperation with Huawei Cloud will greatly enhance 9F Group's capabilities in network security compliance, efficient delivery, low TCO and local services. 9F’s technology has been implemented in Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries last year. It put into production in Thailand in May this year and will continue to expand to Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, India and other countries. In terms of science and technology empowerment strategy and the development direction of Southeast Asia, 9F and Huawei have the same vision and have thus joined efforts.'

In a discussion after the signing ceremony, the two parties shared their views on the development of cloud computing, the application of scientific and technological infrastructure in the financial industry and the internationalization of financial science and technology.


'The cooperation with Huawei Cloud will enable 9F Group to make steady progress on the road of internationalization, help to build the infrastructure of digital inclusive finance and intelligent finance, and improve the technology ecosystem. Meanwhile, it will share the company's 13-year experience of deep cultivation of digital inclusive finance to the entire Asian region, and provide users with outstanding services,' Yifeng Chen, a director of 9F, said in a keynote speech.

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