9F Digital Group Launches Digital Inclusion Open Platform

   2019-07-08 10:00:00   PT

Six Core Elements

Yidong Wang, senior vice president at 9F Group and the chief executive officer of T.E Digital Technology, said, 'Advanced digital technologies like artificial intelligence, big data and cloud services can effectively empower the financial industry. However, in real life, there are many risks, including high trial and costs of error and time, insufficient data accumulation, uncontrollable risks, shortage of relevant talents, etc.'

'Using the six core elements, which are flow, data, scene, risk control, capital and technology, 9F Group has solved various problems of enterprises in the process of digital transformation. Based on this open platform, partners and financial institutions can provide one-stop professional digital technology products and AI smart financial services for the vast number of end-users without investing in research and development and big data teams when expanding the digital finance field,' Wang added.

Regarding financial science and technology and product innovation in China, 9F Group has shared ideas with several government officials, well-known experts and business executives. Meanwhile, it held discussions on the integration and innovation of 'finance plus science and technology.'

Creating the 'Super Connector'

At present, 9F has started technical and financial cooperation with well-known technology companies such as Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and TalkingData, as well as financial institutions such as Xiamen International Bank, Huaxia Bank, Bank of Inner Mongolia, Blue Ocean Bank, Yantai Bank, Oneconnect, CITIC Trust and Bohai Trust, and has exported complete digital financial solutions to well-known enterprises such as Chunqiu Group and Secoo.

The launch of the platform is another milestone for 9F in the integration of technological resources. The company will play the role of 'Super Connector' to link users, scenes and financial institutions through application services. Using scene characteristics, user characteristics, product characteristics and cooperation objectives of different partners, different cooperation modes can be customized to provide more accurate and lower-cost open financial services for the user.

In the future, 9F Group will continue to upgrade its existing technology system, improve the ecological construction of inclusive digital science and technology, give full play to the role of connectors, unite with more partners, absorb the advantages of various resources, promote the digital transformation of traditional industries and further the development of inclusive digital finance.

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