T.E. Technology Enables Airline Travel

   2019-01-04 10:00:00   PT

As a well-known digital financial technology enterprise driven by artificial intelligence, 9F Group has a deep penetration of the industry and a solid technology base. its T.E. technology team is fully focused on the research project called 'Chunqiu Consumer Finance Platform,' and delivers empowerment through technology.

Based on the 'One-stop Technical Solution' of the T. E. technology team, users of the 'Chunqiu Consumer Finance Platform' can enjoy Chunqiu airlines' online ticket booking after obtaining a certain credit line through real-name authentication and risk assessment.

The big data credit scoring systems were independently developed by the T.E. technology team, which has provided information technology services focused on digital credit for Chunqiu group. Based on the seamless connection of big data and risk control, resources will be optimally allocated, the credibility of the platform will be increased, and more professional and convenient services will be provided for users.

Chunqiu Group said in an announcement, 'With the technical cooperation with 9F, our company will start from the travel scene and will be committed to establishing a perfect membership system, risk control system, operation system and financial system with aviation tourism characteristics. It will provide better services for more travelers.'

9F Group operates on the concept of 'Make it simple, make finance simpler' which keeps it focused on the development of science and technology. Over the past 12 years, the company has served more than 50 bank and nearly 10,000 bank branches and has provided technical and business consulting services to banks, trained more than 360,000 bank treasurers and effectively promoted businesses, asset optimization, customer structure optimization, and comprehensive performance improvement.

9F Group released its 2019 T.E. strategy earlier this year. In the future, under the strategy, 9F Group and Chunqiu Group will further deepen their cooperation, strengthen their investment and exploration in financial science and technology innovation, and continue to make efforts in the fields of big data, cloud computing, AI, blockchain and other innovative technologies, laying a solid foundation for Chunqiu Group to further develop in the field of consumer finance and helping the aviation travel industry.

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