Alibaba Cloud & 9F Group Partner to Launch 9F Cloud

   2019-06-03 10:00:00   PT

On May 31, two parties held a comprehensive strategic cooperation conference in Beijing. Geng Ren, the president of Alibaba Cloud, and Lei Sun, the founder and chief executive officer of 9F, attended the conference.

Alibaba Cloud + 9F Ecosystem and Cooperation

The aim of this strategic cooperation is creating a mutually beneficial, complementary and marketable integrated economic entity. The agreement is based on 9F cloud computing, including artificial intelligence (AI) in offering financial services such as digital consumer finance and small and micro finance. It will help financial institutions and scenario partners reach three As: Account, AI and API, in open digital ecological enterprises. Meanwhile, Alibaba Cloud will provide cloud computing 24/7 and safe operation services for the vast number of 9F users.


Wei Shang, the chief financial architect of Alibaba Cloud, said at the conference, '9F Group and Alibaba have natural complementary advantages. Alibaba can provide cloud computing infrastructure and data intelligence capabilities, and 9F has business end, scene end, innovation ability and integration and arrangement ability. These two parties can integrate and better link two important innovation fields: cloud computing and FinTech, and use science and technology to make improvement.'

Scene+Mobile+Cloud to Build Account+AI+API Open Digital Ecology

A well-known AI-driven digital technology platform, 9F becomes a 'connector' in combining multiple advantageous resources in its partnership with Alibaba. In the future, the two parties will jointly explore how to play to their respective advantages in the field of financial science and technology and integrate the five core elements of 9F, which are flow, scene, data, wind control and capital, to open up a broad new space for cooperation with Alibaba.

Alibaba Cloud & 9F Group Partner to Launch 9F Cloud

Ren said, 'Ali owns the platform, while 9F understands applications. Alibaba focuses on IaaS and PaaS, while 9F have understanding on SaaS. I hope that both sides can come together to contribute their advantages to make improvement in financial science and technology. '

Alibaba Cloud & 9F Group Partner to Launch 9F Cloud

Yidong Wang, the chief executive officer of 9F, said, '9F Cloud can penetrate from the scene end to the mobile end. At the same time, it opens to financial institutions and third-party partners so that they can access these scenes and provide services. We are very confident to help these partners become 3A (Account, AI, API) digital ecological enterprises.'

Sun added, 'Jointly building 9F with Alibaba, we will further consolidate the infrastructure construction of inclusive ecology of digital technology, so as to link users, scenes and financial institutions through digital technology.'

Alibaba Cloud & 9F Group Partner to Launch 9F Cloud

Strengthen the Digital Technology System to Protect Users' Rights 24/7

In its strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, 9F Group will continue to upgrade its existing technology system, improve the ecology of inclusive digital science and technology, unite with more partners and continuously improve its efficiency, stability and safety, so that users can enjoy the 'simple and beautiful' financial services.