Oneconnect Partners With 9F Group

   2019-05-21 10:00:00   PT

9F and Oneconnect will help empower small and medium-sized banks to implement digital inclusive business for 9F Wanka customers. The cooperation will combine with the rich experience of Oneconnect, such as biometric identification and blockchain, and the accumulation of scientific and technological innovation in consumption scenarios, AI, big data, cloud computing and other fields innovated over the past 13 years.

In addition, Oneconnect has developed its own advantages in many business chains such as precision marketing, flow distribution, big data risk control, intelligent customer service and post-loan management. It has responded to the call of the government, helped small and medium-sized banks to make transformation and jointly improved the efficiency of digital inclusive finance for banks.

Wangchun Ye, the chairman and CEO of Oneconnect, said that Oneconnect and 9F have the same vision of promoting the development of digital inclusive finance. Based on 9F's advantages in user recommendation, service scenario, big data, intelligent risk control and other aspects, it can enable quality digital technology inclusive financial services to cover a wider range of users and conform to the development trend of the industry.

Lei Sun, the founder and CEO of 9F, said that the cooperation is not only a powerful combination, but also a full-scale technological opening and capacity sharing between the two parties in order to better serve more users. Based on 9F's digital technology and inclusive ecology, the two parties will jointly develop inclusive financial technology to make finance simpler and better.

9F and Oneconnect also expressed their intent to strengthen cooperation in overseas markets, supply chain finance and post-loan management. With joint efforts, the cooperation between the two parties will continue to deepen and the development space will be wider.


9F Wanka Recognized by Leaders in Finance

In the current economic situation, the importance of assets is a common consensus in the market, and high-quality assets are scarce resources pursued by various funds. With years of meticulous operation and management, 9F Wanka has built a comprehensive risk control system. It has exported the design, process and practice of Wanka's risk control system for many years to the outside world through modular technology. It has been recognized and favored by Oneconnect, CITIC Trust, Bank of Inner Mongolia, China-Kyrgyzstan Guarantee and other institutions.

9F Group will continue to enrich the digital science and technology inclusive ecology and share the digital economic achievements with more financial institutions. Meanwhile, more financial institutions will join 9F to provide users the high-quality, convenient and intelligent digital inclusive financial services.

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