9F Group Awarded as 'Best Management Company for Chinese Private Enterprises 2019'

   2019-03-21 10:00:00   PT

'Best Managed Companies' (BMC) was founded in 1993 and evaluates the management of private enterprises. Deloitte provides comprehensive technical support and professional project management, integrates global resources. It uses a mature global framework of 'excellence in management standards' and selects private enterprises that have performed well in enterprise management. Meanwhile, Deloitte assists participating enterprises by providing guidance on management promotion and building a platform for private enterprises to exchange global excellence, promote international cooperation and form an international brand effect.

Deloitte said that the selected enterprises represent the high level of private enterprises in China. Selected enterprises get annual certification and become a member of BMC's global network, which helps them to expand globally and strengthen their partnerships.

What makes an enterprise excellent? Deloitte gave the following description: 'Industry leadership, global thinking, long-term strategy, innovative development and people-oriented.' Zhao Jian, the managing partner of Deloitte, said that all the decisions of the selected companies are aimed at long-term goals, actively consider future trends and prepare for continuous investment for many years. Deloitte hopes to help more Chinese private enterprises to become outstanding companies with global competitiveness through the BMC project.

After 13 years of development, 9F Group has become a well-known digital inclusive technology platform in the industry. The investment in technology not only enables 9F Group to expand, but also helps to reorganize its resources through data analysis and AI. The company is also building its brand to attract talents, highlighting the culture and values, improving the per capita efficiency of employees in practice, cooperating with the building block organization management with strong internal flexibility, advocating the 'integration plus combination' management concept and forming the modular combination of professional talents, quickly achieving its goals.


9F Group has always adhered to the principles of financial regulation and transparent operation and has used financial analysis to carry out more effective strategic positioning, monitoring and enterprise management.

Being selected as 'Best Outstanding Management Company for Chinese Private Enterprises 2019' is not only the affirmation of 9F Group's business management and development but also expends its reputation in overseas markets. In the future, 9F group will take the strategic development goal of technology as the core direction, continuously innovate and optimize itself, adhere to the drive of digital technology, connect users, scenes and finance, strengthen exchanges with outstanding enterprises in the world, and strive to become a world-renowned digital inclusive technology platform.


List of Companies Awarded by BMC

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