Ucommune Celebrates Four Years of Revolutionizing Office Space

The Chinese unicorn has partnered with Tencent and Lenovo to bring smart office systems to enterprises across China.

    May 07, 2019 2:16 PM  PT
Ucommune Celebrates Four Years of Revolutionizing Office Space
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Ucommune, a Beijing-based unicorn that has redesigned working space, celebrated its fourth year in business last month at the Beijing Kaixinmahua Theatre.

The company provides services in office space expansion, management of standard workspace operations, membership networks, and internal community innovation, aiming to achieve its goal of "serving millions of enterprises and represent a better life of future cities."

This year, Ucommune has revamped its mission. Under its new slogan, "To bring you every happy working day," the company provides services to enterprises in diverse industries and gets partnering organizations and entrepreneurs to collaborate on the pursuit of growth and development.


In addition, Ucommune has launched a new strategy it called "Appeal." The strategy includes:

Space Focus. Leveraging its expertise, Ucommune aims to reduce office maintenance costs and improve workspace efficiency by providing customized solutions for large enterprises.

Membership Focus. With more than 300,000 registered individual members, Ucommune uses membership points to improve the relationship between enterprises and individuals. By providing high-quality membership service, Ucommune creates value for enterprises and helps them attract talented employees.

Smart Focus. Ucommune uses 5G technology to build smart office systems in workspaces. Each office desk is a small replicable economic unit. The company develops the most efficient solution for each desk user at an office.

Focus on Space: Revolutionizing Space for Efficiency

Ucommune is reimagining and rethinking the value of a work station aiming to increase productivity. The company has been able to reduce office costs for enterprises and individuals by 30 percent compared with traditional working spaces by optimizing space designs and business solutions.

By the end of 2018, Ucommune has worked with 200 office spaces in 44 cities. Among the company's clients, 23 enterprises are valued at over 10 billion yuan, while 107 are high-tech enterprises and 39 of them are non-profits.

A number of the Fortune 500 companies, including Walmart Inc., Nike Inc., and ABB Group, have used Ucommune to gain a better cultural understanding of China's markets. China's leading brands, including ByteDance's news app Toutiao, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s produce retail chain Hema Fresh, and children storytelling startup Kaishu Story, have expanded to China's second- and third-tier cities and significantly improved their operations with Ucommune.


Last November, Rocket Calendar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ucommune, was launched. Similar to Google Calendar, which links a calendar to email, Rocket Calendar manages a user's calendar and connects to China's leading social network, WeChat, often used for corporate purposes.

This year, Ucommune will no longer rely on the expansion of self-owned projects. Instead, it will focus on the management output projects and customized services for enterprises. By focusing on these two aspects, Ucommune will be able to provide faster, customized services to more enterprises and allow them to benefit from the concept of space efficiency.

Focus on Membership: Connection Generates Value

Over the past four years, Ucommune has been conducting in-depth research to find out what colleagues in a working environment really want. At the end of 2018, Ucommune has established its unique member network.

The new membership system, with the goal of "making work full of surprises," focuses on making our members' daily work more efficient. Ucommune works with top enterprises, covering front-end business services and helping improve productivity. In addition, the company's membership department will collect innovative ideas from all over the world to meet the needs of our individual members.


Making sure it serves all members, the company plans to establish the Ucommune Chamber of Commerce. Select members will include 100 enterprises from the Ucommune community covering areas of artificial intelligence, corporate services, health care, internet celebrity economy, city renovation, new energy, and other industries. The Chamber of Commerce will aim to accelerate the growth of outstanding enterprises and to help companies enhance their social influence. It will also provide customized services to meet different needs of different members. It will continue to explore the best startup companies to promote entrepreneurship, help with business solutions, and strive to help build a platform for their business growth.

The Appeal of Smart Office: Cloud Smart Office Conjecture

In the history of human existence, productivity and connectivity have been the two main drivers for social progress. In the past four years, Ucommune has significantly improved the productivity of member companies and strengthened the connection between members through space operations and membership system. At its fourth anniversary, Ucommune announced that it will further strengthen its capacity of helping improve productivity and connectivity among members through a cloud operating system, Ucom OS.

UcomOS provides cloud-based office software support, allowing users to work in an office environment by using any device at any place. The information about user preferences, applications and data will be stored into the cloud system.


Ucommune will cooperate with other companies to create this smart office ecosystem. By introducing chip support from Rockchip, enterprise application support from Tencent, and hardware support from Lenovo, Ucommune will revolutionize the office space by incorporating cloud-based office systems in the future.


Zurong Wu, the vice president of Tencent Cloud, said, "Connection is the common vision of Tencent and Ucommune. Efficiency is the same goal for both companies. Tencent will use tools such as WeChat, mobile payment, social advertising, big data, and artificial intelligence to support Ucommune to provide corporate cloud office solutions for member companies. Applications that will soon be launched at UcomOS include Tencent Cloud Screening, Tencent Cloud Conference, Tencent Music and Tencent Documentation."


Jia Liu, the general manager of Thinkplus China, a business of Lenovo Group's SMEs division, said, "Since last year, Thinkplus has launched a strategic partnership with Ucommune to create a fully-featured intelligent office space. Lenovo has competition advantages in PC businesses. If PCs can be equipped with UcomOS operating system, I believe it will be amazing."

Focus on Connection: World INS Conference Promotes Social Innovation

At Ucommoune's fourth anniversary, the 2019 World INS Conference was officially launched. Co-hosted by Ucommune and Standard Ranking City Research Institute (affiliated to I-CITY MEDIA), the 2019 Global INS Conference focuses on a wide range of areas, such as artificial intelligence, 5G, new energy, short video, "internet celebrity economy," cultural tourism, urban development, smart cities, and industrial upgrading. Top domestic and international experts, scholars, industry leaders and emerging opinion leaders will bring new ideas and perspectives across different industries and areas.

The 2019 Global INS Conference will continue to work with the Xi'an Municipal People's Government to strengthen the innovation capacity of Xi'an City. It is aimed at creating an innovative power center in Xi'an with economic influence on the entire Northwestern region.

The Standard Ranking City Research Institute, Ucommune and the Global INS Conference Research Institute jointly released the list of China's Most Innovative Universities of 2019. The list aims to distinguish universities that promote new technologies, facilitate innovation and development, and contribute to China's economic transformation and industrial upgrading. Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Nanjing University, Fudan University, Sichuan University, Wuhan University, and University of Science and Technology of China ranked among the top ten.

Four years ago, Ucommune started with the goal of making the office appealing. Incorporating modern technologies, the company has been making huge progress in achieving its goal.

As workspace needs improved design and technology while business strategies become more diverse, the power of technology is becoming more prominent. After four years revolutionizing co-working spaces, Ucommune's goal remains unchanged – serving millions of enterprises and represent a better life of future cities.