Huya Picks AWS for Overseas Expansion

Huya completed the deployment of NimoTV in Southeast Asia in a few days using AWS.

Binwei Wang
    Mar 02, 2020 2:15 PM  PT
Huya Picks AWS for Overseas Expansion
author: Binwei Wang   

Huya Inc. (NYSE: HUYA) announced Monday that it selected Amazon Web Services, Inc. as the preferred cloud service provider in the overseas market to enhance the live game experience and accelerate global market expansion.

Based on AWS extensive infrastructure and rich service portfolio, Huya completed the deployment of NimoTV in Southeast Asia in a few days. NimoTV is a flagship game live streaming platform of Huya for overseas markets, the the company announced on Monday. 

Ligao Lai, the chief technology officer said in a statement, "AWS provides rich, stable, and reliable services, global infrastructure coverage, and high network quality. In addition, many companies have been struggling with AI in the cloud, and Amazon Sage Maker provides a better solution. Huya hopes to use the ability of AWSAI to cloud in the future to go further."

Huya added that the company is also exploring the AWS services in order to improve its technical capabilities and explore more business possibilities. The company plans to use Amazon Neptune graph database service for social analysis, develop AI virtual anchor function through Amazon Sage Maker's machine learning platform, utilize Amazon Translate natural language translation service to support more languages, and implement the AWS Wavelength5G network edge computing service to improve end-user experience.

The shares of Huya fell 2% on Monday, closing at $19.39.