Asset Pro Celebrates China Asset Management Golden Shell Award

CapitalWatch Staff
    Aug 27, 2020 2:00 PM  PT
Asset Pro Celebrates China Asset Management Golden Shell Award
author: CapitalWatch Staff   

In 2020, as China accelerates the process of globalization, the number of licensed companies in foreign investment management grows. The general trend and investment philosophy of global asset management allocation gradually penetrates and affects the domestic asset management market. Meanwhile, firms in the sector are facing new challenges and opportunities.

On August 9, the 2020 China Asset Management Annual Event took place in Shanghai at the Kerry Hotel under the guidance of Southern Financial Media Group and hosted by the 21st-century business herald. Nominees of the 2020 China Asset Management "Golden Shell Award" were officially announced at the event. 

Thanks to its technological empowerment abilities in wealth management and the influence of leading industries, Asset Pro was awarded the Excellent Technology and Finance Service Platform.

The annual conference focuses on the fast-growing Chinese asset management industry, sharing and discussing cutting-edge topics in the sector.

Gang Xiao, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and former chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, delivered a keynote speech titled "Orderly Promoting the Transformation of my country's Asset Management Industry". 

Xiao believes that the extension of the transition period of the new asset management regulations to the end of 2021 is a manifestation of the implementation of the central government's handling of the balance between stable growth and prevention of risks. It also follows market laws and promotes the development of the real economy by proceeding from reality. 

He said, "Just like our commercial bank has been engaged in credit business for a long time, it takes at least eight years to train a credit manager. If we engage in asset management business, you have to train a qualified investment manager for more than eight years. They have to go through the popular rotation and know the trend of the market before they have enough experience. We believe that we will surely usher in the bright future of China's capital management industry."

The conference has been held annually since 2007, awarding the China Asset Management Golden Shell. It aims to help investors learn about the wealth management market and look for excellent investment institutions and products.

The Golden Shell Award is well-known in the industry in China. The selection considers multiple angles, including profitability, innovation, risk control, team quality, market recognition, investment and research team, operation system, and social responsibility. Objective analysis and evaluation to select leaders that promote the rapid growth of China's asset management industry is an important reference for investors to choose investment objects and investment products, and it is considered as an authoritative and fair research and judgment in China's asset management industry.

Asset Pro is a leading wealth management technology empowerment platform in China, providing one-stop global asset allocation empowerment and services to more than 1,000 wealth institutions, family offices, and more than 100,000 independent financial planners across the country. According to iResearch, the number of channels covered by Asset Pro ranked first in the industry.

Since 2020, Asset Pro has won important awards such as the Junding Award for China's Excellent Wealth Management Platform and the Most Valuable Fintech Platform Award for the 2020 China Insurance Industry International Summit. 

The Golden Shell Award for the Excellent Technology Financial Service Platform this time means deeper recognition of Asset Pro. 

The theme of this year's China Asset Management Annual Conference is "Opening Reform and Global Asset Management Trends". The strong combination of finance and technology is an important change in the financial sector under the current macroeconomic situation.

Asset Pro proactively embraces technological changes, grasps the trend of digital upgrading, and is a pioneer of digital transformation in the sector. Keeping finance in line with technology and visualizing information and data not only helps practitioners in the wealth management industry access the business of high-quality assets around the world and clearly understand the investment needs of its customers, but also helps colleagues in the industry to adapt to the development of informatization. 

Asset Pro will develop its own outstanding advantages in the field of technology-enabled wealth management and firmly adhere to the original intention of technology-enabled wealth management, embrace changes and continue to move forward, and strive to contribute value to the development of China's asset management industry and economic and social transformation and upgrading.